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Parents Take Over YK Galaxy Pitch

While the younger players were out at the Fieldhouse looking to claim victory for real, the older kids had themselves a bit of fun between soccer games.

The Diversity NWT and Nunavut Yk Galaxy Spring Tournament featured a fun game between the parents as a amusing intermission before the finals began on Sunday. Team Black ended up on top by a score of 4-3 in what turned out to be a rather entertaining contest. In keeping with the spirit of the game, several of the players seized the opportunity to show off and keep everyone laughing.

Dillon Torindo, the event’s organizer, said he sent an e-mail to the parents shortly before the weekend to gauge interest and more than 40 people put their names in the hat.

Had he known that so many wanted to play, he added, he was considering, for a brief moment, putting together an adult division but it didn’t happen.

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